Born May 8, 2014


Born and raised in Alaska by hippy artist gallery-owning parents, music and cheeseburgers are my life.


Instruments/skills: guitar, drums, percussion, vocals, songwriting, and musical production. Highly proficient with Garage software


Current Bands: Amish Robots, Whiskey Class, and the Ratfish Wranglers, playing guitar, drums, vocals


Past Bands: RBI, The PA Project, North Sea, and Baby Shower


Big Bands:


Calypso Steel Drum Band, Arcata, CA


All Alaska Jazz Band in High School, Kayhi Pep band, Kayhi Pep


Band Leader, Ketchikan High School Concert & Jazz band.


 DJ and Radio Experience


KRBD FM, Ketchikan Alaska, public radio DJ/programmer since the age of 14 “Revenge of the Radio” and “Guerilla Radio”


KFRH, college radio Humboldt State University Arcata, CA


Private DJ for events (all musical genres) including numerous weddings, night clubs, bars in Ketchikan, AK and Arcata, CA


DJ for Whomp Whomp Wednesday & Hoola Hoop dance class in Arcata, CA


Notable Performances  & Events:


Performed on the main stage at Alaska Folkfest on 3 occasions, Juneau, AK


Performed twice at Fisherpoets Gathering in Astoria, Oregon


Awards & Distinctions


MTV Hive : Top 5 Grizzly Bear Remixes / 9.11.12 “Easy Walk (Grizzly Bear Remix) – DJALTERNATIVE”


Rookie of the Year Award, Alaska Folkfest, Juneau, AK


Best Band at Battle of the Bands, Blueberry Arts Festival, Ketchikan, AK, 2006, 2008, 2010


Garbo, song by Whiskey Class used in a major feature film called “The Breach”, August Island Pictures, 2014